Big or Little

Every number has an ending. Sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s little. When you are dealing with a number, that’s greater than what fits into 1 byte, you’ll need more space to store the number. Then the order of the bytes matters. This post is about the endianess, whether it’s big-endian or little-endian.


Providing a dual stack service behind a native ipv6 and carrier-grade NAT ISP

Suppose, you have an ISP that provides you with native ipv6 connectivity. This means, you have been assigned a globally routeable IP version 6 address -yay!! However, this comes with a cost: You don’t have a globally routeable IP version 4 address, not even a dynamic one. And this is still necessary, if you want to be able to reach your service, e.g. from cell phone networks.


DSO-068 DIY oscilloscope

Recently I thought, isn’t there a simple, cheap oscilloscope available? And there is: A do-it-yourself kit, all parts included, ready for you to solder. Elektor provides the DSO-068 complete with casing.


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