Exporting Jamulus stats as prometheus metrics

In the last post, I introduced the grafana and prometheus combination and described two ways, how to monitor a Jamulus installation. The only thing I wanted to monitor is, how many clients are connected. The two ways however are not very reliable. Both use the tool mtail, that can parse log files and make the logs available as prometheus metrics. The first method uses the direct log entries of Jamulus, the second method uses a status page created by Jamulus. But since mtail is about log files, it really only reads new lines added to the files, which it is tailing (like tail -f). Jamulus doesn’t log disconnects, only connects, so the log file doesn’t even provide all information. The status file lists all connected clients, but it is not a log file, it would be need to be read at a whole.


Build your own linux kernel

If there are problems with your hardware, like previously working hardware suddenly stops working after a kernel upgrade, then it is necessary to figure out, what’s the problem. One step towards this is, to build your own linux kernel.



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