A simple calendar generator based on OpenOffice/LibreOffice


screenshot of the generated calendar

The calendar application is available in one spreadsheet file. Download it here:

In case you just want the calendar, I prepared one for 2021 and 2022:


  1. Download OOoCalendar and open it. See also next section Certificates / Signatures.

  2. Select the year

  3. Click on “Kalender erstellen…” (Create calendar…)

  4. A new spreadsheet document has been created


screenshot of the application buttons

Certificates / Signatures

As this spreadsheet uses macros, you’ll need to accept my signature and trust me, so that libreoffice will execute the calendar application.

With version 1.6 I used my OpenGPG key to sign the document, see impressum.

Earlier versions are signed with the following two self-signed certificates.

The SHA1/SHA256 sums of these are:

  • First Certificate: Expires on 2018-02-10

    6B:A8:D6:5B:61:5C:89:E1:82:1F:55:31:E6:83:70:F1:E9:69:7A:FA (sha1)

    5F:8F:58:24:4B:AC:86:1B:DF:2D:82:C8:32:C5:A7:2E:A9:92:C4:65:10:89:05:CA:B7:A0:9B:DD:3F:E1:47:BF (sha256)

  • Second Certificate: Expires on 2025-09-30:

    35:07:51:99:F1:08:CB:28:84:0C:8E:D7:FC:4E:E6:CF:BC:A1:53:81 (sha1)

    7B:62:6C:B1:6F:18:80:63:9E:A1:70:99:EC:F0:B4:C8:A3:5B:4D:D5:33:D1:05:5B:12:C1:D3:48:87:26:53:FD (sha256)

Unfortunately LibreOffice displays only the SHA1 sum, so you’ll need to compare that.

Changelog and Archive

1.0 (2008-02-13) OOoCalendar-1.0.ods

  • Initial version

1.1 (2009-02-28) OOoCalendar-1.1.ods

  • Bugfix for setDateTime()/getDateTime(): Wrong datatype caused wrong calculations that were dependent on the easter date.

1.2 (2013-10-20) OOoCalendar-1.2.ods

  • Bugfix typo for October 3rd holiday.
  • Fix functionality to modify holidays. Fix creating the second calendar page on the second spread sheet.

1.3 (2015-10-03) OOoCalendar-1.3.ods

  • Bugfix typo for Whitmonday
  • Add “Mariä Himmelfahrt” holiday

1.4 (2015-11-02) OOoCalendar-1.4.ods

  • Directly set the page style to landscape mode

1.5 (2017-05-01) OOoCalendar-1.5.ods

  • Use the Easter Sunday algorithm by Jean Meeus.

1.6 (2021-07-10) OOoCalendar-1.6.ods

  • Add week number
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